Marya Leadership Academy

Marya Leadership Academy is an international organisation providing leadership development for women and social entrepreneurs in all stages of their career and life and needed corporate identity and branding development. They offer coaching, mentoring and speaking services to clients grow as a leader — in life, work, and community. Discussions with CEO Neeru Sharma revealed the depth of passion she brings to the business – Neeru wants her clients to: “Soar like eagles”. Initial icon design was based on triangles to symbolise stability and strength. Uniting two triangle elements represents connecting, bonding, exchange – the interaction between student and coach. Uniting two triangles creates an abstract ‘M’ for Marya. Reducing one triangle adds a sense of perspective which alludes to the idea of mountains, of peaks to attain – the habitat of eagles. A mountain can also symbolise the uphill struggle that clients may be facing in life or career.  So they need guidance and training to reach their peak or their goal. Marya Leadeship Academy enables them to get to the top, see the big picture, and “soar like eagles”.

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