Professional business logo design in Dubai.

Professional business logo design in Dubai.

The prime identifier for all brands is your company logo. The logo design encapsulates the brand’s visual identity.

Professional logo design should embody and imply your business goals and positioning, and address the end user’s needs and wants. And of course, look awesome.

Once the Big Idea is encapsulated into a unique vision, mission and voice, only then it is time to start the graphic design process on the Visual Identity – creating the physical manifestation of the Brand Identity.

Professional logo design encapsulates your brand’s visual identity. Obviously a logotype by itself is not a brand – it is just one part of the overall visual identity that makes up the whole brand, but it is incredibly important to make your business logo design fit for purpose.

Although there are no hard and fast rules to determine the best type of visual identifier for a particular type of company, Frank Brand’s process is to examine a range of solutions based on both aspirational and functional criteria. We will determine a conceptual design approach to your professional logo design, that best serves the needs of the client and create a rationale for each distinct approach.

We are the medium between the client and the audience. Logo design should embody and imply the client’s business goals and positioning, and address the end user’s needs and wants. We ask the right questions and make rigorous market research to make sure that we deliver a professional logo design that makes you attractive, memorable and relevant to your target audience.

A logo design also has to be future-proof, here at Frank Brands our approach is to strip away the clutter to deliver a logo design that is simple, iconic and designed with longevity in mind. Saving you money in the long term. More info here.

We create future-proof logos that are tested to apply across different media. Slick shadow effects and a glossy 3D look might appear great full screen and backlit on your large computer monitor, but that usually means that complex will look bad on a letterhead or email signature. Simple is better and simple is timeless – it takes a whole lot of reworking to make a logo design look perfect, which is exactly what we enjoy doing. .

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