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MyTimetable is the leading platform for timetable publication and integration, allowing educational institutions to publish personalised student and staff timetables through integration with leading calendar platforms and digital learning environments.

MyTimetable was software developed by Eveoh in the Netherlands. The acquisition of MyTimetable by the UK’s Tribal Group was to include the MyTimetable platform in Tribal’s company Semestry. The MyTimetable platform perfectly aligned with Semestry’s two product platforms – TermTime and ExamTime. My task was to very quickly visually align the old with Semestry’s website redesign that I had carried out a few months beforehand. A key approach was to redesign the logo to match the logos of Semestry, ExamTime, and TermTime. I also developed a new colour palette that complimented and worked with Semestry and ExamTime and Termtime.
The overall copy content and structure remained pretty much the same – but the text and messaging were adjusted to be more engaging.
The existing website was very technical and dry with app screenshots, so I added multiple ‘lifestyle’ images related to the key offerings to make it more emotionally engaging – so positive images of students and faculty members. Basically, I wanted to suggest the end-users of the technology whose lives are impacted and improved by the MyTimetable software.

Delivered: Company Logotype, Colour Palette, Image Library, UIX Design, Icons.

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