Skyelume Branding

A total corporate identity for a launch company. SKYELUME is an advisor and supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor building lighting applications, with a strong focus on LED lighting solutions. Basically a small team of 3 partners who needed a high level identity to make them look like a large international organisation and really stand out from established peer companies.

Initial research was focused on the visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum – like a rainbow. This led to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon LP artwork. A few listens and a smoke led to investigating glass prisms and how they separate the source of white light into the colour spectrum, which in turn led to a “glass” cube with 1 side sheared off which was finessed into the finished symbol. The symbol is deceptively simple and iconic but contains layers of complexity: It is multi–faceted, it is three dimensional, it is seamless integrated, it is optical, it is interconnected, it has precision, it has movement, it is the sum of it parts, it is a jewel, it is a closed circuit, it is a star…

Deliverables included: Brand identity, brand guide, stationery, folders, advertising, email campaigns, pop ups, brochures, shirts, website, company profile.

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