Kew Solutions

With over 20 years’ experience providing IT Solutions to the corporate marketplace – Kew Solutions have a great reputation for providing an excellent service for companies in the United Arab Emirates.

The problem was that they had the worst logo and website I had seen for a long time, and this needed to be fixed for the company to gain more market credibility and appeal to higher net worth companies and drive opportunity.

The budget/brief allocated was to take the existing text content (there were no images!) and create a brand new responsive website – so the structure had to basically remain the same – although I advised adding a blog section for social media and SEO traction.

Kew solutions offer a very wide variety of services – I advised defining the top four activities that generate the most profit (i.e. what the most customers seek) and focus on these on the landing page with high impact full page images. I wrote new copy for these four activities/images that was more compelling and solution-based with a clear CTA path to drive site engagement.

There was no branding in place – so I retained the blue from the previous logotype – but everything else was created from scratch. With no art budget; I decided the best way for viewers to emotionally connect with the new brand was to create a suite of aligned images showing Kew’s target market – a gender, ethnic and age balanced mix of every-day folks in a typical office situation. It was essential to steer away from the usual cliched posed model photos that look unnatural and do not align with Robert Kew as a personality and with the company Values.

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