Andrew Prince

Andrew helps international workers and expatriates plan their finances. Providing unbiased and independent financial advice, he works with many of the world’s major Banks and Financial Institutions covering many areas providing holistic advice and is very passionate about guiding clients to their financial goals.

Andrew was attempting to ‘design’ his own website and logo. The results were slightly alarming – let’s just say that my complete lack of financial talent was equally matched by Andrew’s design ability. A big problem that in this neck of the woods; financial advisors have an appalling reputation which in Andrew’s case is unfairly warranted. This needed to be fixed for Andrew to gain more market credibility and the design had to appeal to higher net worth individuals, driving opportunities to connect with potential clients.

There was no logo or branding in place. I designed a clean, professional word mark and balanced it with a warmer, icon derived from Andrew’s signature of his initials. A colour palette predominately blue and grey with a warmer orange highlight and also a modern corporate typeface – this provided a base brand identity that could be taken across future communication collateral to achieve a cohesive visual identity.

This was then aplied to the website design. The approach was to create a website with a warmer, more personable website that offered down-to-earth advice and avoided technical jargon – reflecting Andrew’s personality – to make an emotional connection with visitors. To simplify the user experience so they are not overwhelmed by his six core services; we defined 2 main areas that encapsulated most people’s needs for the homepage sliders  – building a solid financial foundation and preserving that wealth to “live more”.