A graphic design agency in Dubai.

A graphic design agency in Dubai.

Uniquely expressing your brand to your customers through all your sales and marketing collateral.

In today’s crowded landscape, strong, unique graphic design and copywriting cuts through all the noise and clutter and delivers a clear picture of who you are, what you do and, importantly; why you do it.

OK, you now have a fantastic new brand. Apart from providing business branding for companies like yours; we also specialise in extending your brand – designing and producing all the essential items that you will need to market your company and connect with your audience. So the next stage is the implementation of your new Visual Style, creatively expressing the brand through complex and fast moving digital and print channels.

Your brand will be as authentic as it is distinctive and this new brand should be applied to all your internal and external communications. Frank Brands graphic design agency designs and delivers: high quality branded stationary; mail-shots; event branding; brochures; pull ups; calendars; reports; web banners; PPT presentations; print advertising; magazines; books; roll up banners; brochures and newsletters – all from initial concept to finalisation.

Graphic design takes a blend of art and science to express the true personality of your business. We are passionate about graphic design and we know what it’s like to compete in crowded markets, Frank Brands have the experience to help your brand stand out from the competition.

Printed collateral is the tangible, tactile elements of your company’s brand. Just think of the immediate impact you get when a simple, classy business card is handed over to you, printed on thick textured card, with an embossed logo and perhaps some metallic foiling – how does that affect your perception of the person and the organisation she works for?

In the quest to leave a good impression on your clients and business partners, it is a mistake to cut corners by using cheap materials and poor untrained designers for your stationary and brochures. With 17 years of dealing with all the local printers to get the best prices; we can also manage the entire print and production process, from sign-off of creative, to delivery of your business branded products. Our up-to-date understanding of print materials and print techniques, coupled with our love of great brand design and copywriting, means we’re the Dubai graphic design agency ideally placed to make the most of all the possibilities available.

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