Start-up brand identity & collateral for a new e-commerce business that is committed to changing the relationship between travelers and the local people who deliver travel services.

This was new business and required corporate brand identity help to name the company, design the logo, create a tagline, vision, mission, tone of voice, brand promise, create the visual brand identity – taken across some stationary items.

The idea was on an online platform for the more discerning and adventurous traveler to connect directly with local guides in the areas they wish to travel to. The guides would be thoroughly vetted, you choose your own guide, see their photos, read their bios and communicate with them prior to booking your tour.

The main USP is that you benefit from a local’s knowledge and access more intimate, out of the way spots that have never seen by regular a bus tour. Every tour is customizable. See the sights YOU want, try the food YOU crave, learn about what interests YOU the most.

The corporate brand identity Mission I created probably best sums up what the company does: Voyagr is tailor-made service for the curious traveller who seeks to truly connect with the people, culture and history of their destination.

By discovering and interacting with our friendly local guides, they’re able to savour every moment and create unique and memorable experiences. Voyagr’s strength is our fantastic people. You can always recognize us by our understanding, integrity and passion.

By aiming to deliver exceptional value, we constantly strive for improvement – by listening, understanding and using our deep industry knowledge; by seeking the best and creating unique customer experiences; by going that extra mile. As a result, we create lasting and unique memories – always built on understanding.

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