HSS - Health & Safety Solutions

High quality health and safety trainers and consultants ensuring that clients have the knowledge, skills and confidence to save a life in an emergency.

UAE-based and headquartered in Dubai, Health & Safety Solutions (HSS) provides top-tier quality health & safety training and services across the GCC & Levant.

Their existing website, logo and collateral looked really bad and in no way reflected the experience, professionalism, passion and empathy that owner and CEO Annie Browne clearly had for her business – and for saving lives. Annie approached me to develop a new  visual identity and logo that better represented her business. I took this brand identity design across a new website, stationary, corporate profile, powerpoints, banners , advertising and marketing.

The Creative Process

Brand identity design questionnaires were providing little insight or detail into the company, so I had no clear indication of any general preferences or direction at all. The only prerequisite was that the logo had to work as a badge on company uniforms. After a designing a few different options and continuing liaison with Annie, her lifelong passion for health and safety training became increasingly apparent and to me the heart became the most compelling icon that would indicate core values.

The HSS heart icon symbolises: Empathy for patient and medical wellbeing; symbolises health; passion of staff for their business/career activity; customer preference of HSS as a source medical and safety training.

The Tick icon symbolises: a ‘yes’; indicates completion i.e. of HSS training; affirmation and positivity.

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