Exponent Technology Services

Exponent Technology Services provides bespoke solutions by integrating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) and auto-ID technologies and much more…

With offices in Dubai, Boston and Montreal, Exponent Technical Services is a service provider that specialises in helping firms develop asset management and tracking solutions. Its USP revolves around its ability to provide bespoke solutions in areas where others dare to tread. Exponent’s philosophy is rooted in the ethos that any problem is surmountable given the intelligent application of technology.

Beginning with their roots in developing RFID and barcode based solutions – they have embraced the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) and their ability to integrate auto-ID technologies to provide a unique set of mission capabilities that were previously not possible or even envisioned.

Frank Brands was the branding design agency tasked with giving an international level corporate identity. The CEO mentioned he loved the NASA logo so I paid ‘homage’ to the N, threw it on a grid and created the other letterforms. The separated ‘X’ is the universal icon for drones (UAVs). I’ve done a ton of of design projects for Exponent over the past few years – too many to show here.

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