Brand Identity Case Study – Glasgow Research and Consulting

Founded in 2010, Glasgow Consulting Group (GCG) is a leading full-service business research and advisory services firm, with core expertise in market intelligence, market entry and trade development.

I had known the business owner Vishal via mutual friends and networking groups, so was honoured to be trusted to rebrand Glasgow.

First off, I changed the name slightly. Originally Glasgow Consulting Group, I advised that ‘Group’ was a waste of valuable logo real estate and had zero meaning. The key brand offering is Research so we added that. Also, a new strapline “Market Growth Catalyst” was added to further describe the company offering.

The overall purpose of Glasgow is to bring ‘insight’ to their customers, so the website domain was changed to as the previous was now redundant.

As usual, the key to rebranding is DIFFERENTIATION. I first look at all the local peer competition, and I study the biggest global peer brands to benchmark quality, I’m looking for patterns, trends, designs, colours to avoid – the essential part of making Glasgow unique and thus more memorable to their audience.

I created my usual three brand concept presentations with 3 Logotype identity paths. The icon of chosen concept shown here was based on playing around with the letter ‘g’, which led to integrated speech bubbles – which in turn evolved into two ‘ speech marks. This approach was inspired by Glasgow’s role as consultants whose raison d’être is to communicate and impart knowledge to clients. The icon suggests dialogue and discussion between consultant and client – Glasgow listens to a client’s needs and delivers results.

The wordmark used modern serif dispay type-style, to differentiate from peers. aesthetically, it also imparts sophistication and gravitas as a perhaps more ‘traditional’ type style.

Delivered: Company Naming, Slogan, Logotype, Brand Identity, Stationary PPT, Social Media Covers.


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