Skyelume Lighting

Corporate identity branding for Skyelume, an advisor and supplier of LED lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor building lighting applications, with a strong focus on progressive LED lighting solutions.

This was basically a small team of 2 partners who needed a high-level LED lighting corporate identity branding to make them look like a large international organisation and really stand out from established GCC peer companies. Mission accomplished, we developed a striking and energetic identity system that completely stands out in the whole regional and global market.

Initial research was focused on the visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum – like a rainbow. This led to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon LP artwork. This led to investigating glass prisms and how they separate the source of white light into the colour spectrum, which in turn led to a “glass” cube with 1 side sheared off which was finessed into the finished symbol.

The symbol is deceptively simple and iconic but contains layers of complexity: It is multi-faceted, it is three dimensional, it is seamlessly integrated, it is optical, it is interconnected, it has precision, it has movement, it is the sum of its parts, it is a jewel, it is a closed circuit, it is a star…

Deliverables included: Brand identity, tone of voice, writing style and grammar, brand guide, stationery, folders, advertising, email campaigns, pop-ups, marketing brochures, shirts, website, company profile, and much more.


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