Integrated Contamination Control Services

Brand Identity Case Study - Contamination Control Services

Integrated Contamination Control Services (ICCS) transforms the way customers operate and maintain equipment -creating innovative solutions to oil and fuel contamination problems. ICCS provides services that promote sustainability, making a positive impact on our environment, the oil & gas industry and society.

Since childhood, I have always promoted sustainability and green issues, so it was a true pleasure to use my skills and experience to help define the ICCS brand – an amazing business that provides a win/win ethical, environmental result.
We first defined the 4 core values: Sustainability, Innovation, Collaboration, and Proactivity, which helped to define the Mission and Vision, shown below and summed up in the slogan: “Helping Businesses Grow Better”.
The logo icon concept suggests liquid flow and recycling. The contaminated oil, fuel, water, etc. – and the filtration systems that take an impure liquid and cleans it for re-use.

Changing the company name unfortunately was not an option, so naming the brand as ICCS was the best approach.
The logo, colour palette, and typeface were defined and extended across the stationery suite and encapsulated into a brand guidelines document.
The unifying graphic was created by echoing the icon design but as a stylised line graph that always suggests a left/low to right/high progression – to always signify positive growth.
Finally, we took the brand identity across the corporate brochure.

Delivered: Brand Values, Mission, Vision, Logotype, Brand Identity, Colour Palette, Stationary, Guidelines, Brochure.


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