Producing high quality 3D printing filaments – the consumable raw material for use in 3D printing industries specifically for 3D printers which are using FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling).

Filatech is a manufacturing facility registered and located in the Technology Park of RAK in UAE. Utilizing expert and experienced manpower in plastic compounding, and the most up-to-date manufacturing technology, developing and manufacturing normal and special grades of plastic filaments for 3D printing. They needed a brand name and a full start-up corporate identity design.

After long meetings and careful analysis and research of the client data, it became clear that we needed to position the business as a company of passionate enthusiasts who are ourselves end-users. Why? Because they are. So they really do have complete empathy for customer needs, their frustrations with inferior quality products, and a lack of accountability and customer service. As already seasoned professionals in the plastics industry, the client possessed key knowledge and ability, and so can be trusted to solve the customers’ problems and needs with a top-quality product.

The client needed corporate identity design including company naming, vision, mission, logotype, brand identity, strapline, stationery, packaging, and brand guidelines. Out of the three brand proposals – that were of course all excellent; they unexpectedly went for the ‘wild card’ logo option – we like it when this happens! It really is a peer-less stand-alone business identity. NB. Unfortunately, the website and brochure unfortunately was not created by us and not on-brand.

We decided to go against the norm by making the USP focus not so much on ‘the product’ but on the unlimited creative possibilities the end-user has by purchasing the product and the positive impact this makes in the world – the product enhances people’s lives and creates beauty.


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