Why should a customer buy from you, and not your competition?

Why should a customer buy from you, and not your competition?

Once your Big Idea is perfected and the brand is seamlessly crafted, only then it is time to create unique brand identity development.

Let’s face, it there are probably hundreds or possibly even thousands of businesses out there that do almost exactly the same as you. Why should they buy from you?

Once the Big Idea is encapsulated into a unique vision, mission and voice, only then it is time to start the graphic design process on Brand Identity Development – creating the physical manifestation of the Brand.

The prime identifier for all brands is the logotype – The logo encapsulates the brand’s visual identity. We love to design logotypes, but a logo is not a brand – it is just one part of the overall visual identity that makes up the brand. The other elements of the visual identity – colours, typefaces, photography, icons, graphics (look & feel) are also hugely important, all of these elements will come together to produce a physical expression of your Big Idea, your Brand.

Brand identity development is also based on defining your company’s target market and then creating a business image and messaging that appeals to this demographic. The businesses that successfully attract the most customers are businesses that have invested the time and money in making sure that they have a unique brand expressed as a distinct identity and value proposition and messaging that makes them stand out from their competition.

The fundamental idea behind all brand identity development work is that in every activity that your business does, every communication, everything it produces should be visually aligned – and it should project the core idea that defines your company – why you exist and what makes you different from your competitors. It expresses to the world what you are about, what you stand for, what you believe in, why they should use your service and not your competition.

Once this rich visual language of text and image is defined and encapsulated in a brand guide; it can be taken across absolutely all the graphic design that will be consistently applied to your website design and all your marketing collateral and communications.

At Frank Brands we specialise in developing a cutting edge, stylish, relevant brand identity development for companies just like yours – but at a more realistic price than the top agencies. If you’re a business owner or CEO who has a first rate service or product but are frustrated by your audience seeing a third rate business image; let’s set up a meeting and together we can discuss developing your company brand and website to better reflect just how amazing you are.

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