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Hello! Entrepreneur, musician, graphic designer and a pretty good cook; your business branding is in safe hands with UK creative director – Frank

“Your business is your brand; your branding is my business”

Business branding

Imagine having the very best product or service in the whole market – for the very best price – but always losing out to the competition. Ouch, now that’s got to hurt…

There are far too many fantastic people out there with incredible businesses, that are losing money to competitors because they have unappealing business identities. They have not invested in their business brand and so fail to connect effectively with potential customers. Great news. You’re in the right place. A Dubai branding studio that really enjoys the challenge, the process, the creativity, the results and most importantly; the goodwill generated by transforming businesses into winners.

Your business identity

My primary mission is to give businesses a distinctive, enduring visual identity — one that differentiates you from the competition and brings my clients closer to their goals.

With twenty-five years of experience in providing business branding solutions, Frank Brands helps businesses just like yours increase their profits through the better attraction and retention of their ideal customers. My Dubai branding studio will create a unique professional, international-level corporate identity; messaging and marketing communications – that will appeal to and engage your ideal prospect – giving a better chance to close the deal.

Cost-effective solutions

A company’s visual identity (if created by a professional), is a one-off investment. When it is combined with a great product or service, the initial cost will pay off year after year.

I understand that marketing budgets are not always the first priority for SMEs or when setting up a new business. With less overheads, I have the expertise and creativity to visually transform your business at a fraction of agency prices – but with that same high quality, you need. If a cost-effective, strategic and honest approach is what you’re looking for, then Frank is your perfect Dubai branding partner – regardless of which industry you operate in.

Why brand?

“The simpler you say it, the more eloquent it is.”

Sounds interesting?

Drop me an email and let’s talk about how we can elevate and enhance your business brand identity.

Let’s do this.

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